About Us

We Are Inspired by Our Clients.

BlackArch provides world-class M&A advisory services for owner-operators, families and financial sponsors who have created significant value.

We invest in relationships.
We guide our clients from assessment until the closing of a transaction, striving for the greatest possible outcome.
We customize solutions.
We listen to each client's unique concerns and tailor an objective-driven approach.
We serve great companies.
Our professionals have a long track record of bringing high-quality opportunities to the market.

What is a Great Company?

Market Leaders with a Clear Purpose

A great company is disciplined, data-driven and customer-centric in a chaotic and fast-moving world. They are generally inspired too.

What Makes a Great Company, Great?

At the center of "greatness" lies a clear advantage, a different approach than the status quo.  We often identify greatness by observing superior financial metrics, outsized growth or ascending market leadership positions.  However, our clients often find it challenging to succinctly describe what makes them great.  

Over the last 25+ years, we have been challenged by some of the leading entrepreneurs, operators and investors of our time to capture the essence of their hard work and translate it into value on their behalf.

We have learned that greatness is unequivocally driven by three core attributes:

  • Purpose - a great ambition for addressing an unmet customer need.
  • Passion - an intense desire to build a lasting organization that delivers on a promise of unparalleled quality and service.
  • People - an ability to attract, develop and inspire exceptionally talented individuals.
Importantly, they seek excellence in all that they do... just like us.

What Makes the Right Advisor for Exceptional Businesses?

Great companies deserve an attentive and seasoned advisor with the highest integrity.  At BlackArch, we have refined and perfected the art of distilling the complex elements of greatness into clear messages that drive superior outcomes with world-class investors and corporate buyers.  We know and can articulate our clients' goals, priorities and objectives, and aim to deliver multiple attractive options from which they can select.  We have one client, our goals are aligned and we provide unconflicted, no-nonsense advice from concept to close. 
"Evergreen is a specialty service company that provides industrial cleaning services in the downstream and midstream sectors.  Evergreen competes in a $3 billion industry where we primarily operate throughout North America with a heavy focus on the Gulf and West coast.  BlackArch did an exceptional job in representing our company.  Their staff became a part of our team, and they learned exactly what differentiated us in our industry.  I also believe they drove tremendous value to our bidders and ultimately helped us select a great partner for our next platform.  I am very pleased with their service and would highly recommend them."
Jon Hodges, Founder & CEO, Evergreen Industrial Services, LLC


Bringing an Investment Banking Heritage Forward

BlackArch traces its legacy back to the early 1990's when several of our founders worked as colleagues at Charlotte-based Bowles Hollowell Conner & Co.  Over the ensuing decades our leaders have consistently brought the highest level of investment banking advisory services and innovation to the middle market.  BlackArch represents the culmination of decades of experience, established best practices, a unique client-centric culture and a dedication to serving great companies.

M&A Innovators

Our leaders were integral to the emergence of middle-market M&A advisory more than 25 years ago.  We were early to offer the middle market senior-banker execution of transactions, active relationship-oriented coverage and focused industry practices.  We have continued to refine the art of serving middle-market clients, with an emphasis on tailored solutions to meet our clients’ objectives. 

A Legacy of High-Quality Companies

Our clients are visionaries.  We represent high-growth, highly profitable and differentiated businesses.  When we work with owner-operators of private companies and their investors, we discover a shared sense of excitement as they have assumed enormous risk with their own money, time and intellectual capital to create an enterprise dedicated to serving a need better than anyone else.  We are inspired by their businesses and feel privileged to be a part of their success.
"BlackArch worked tirelessly to lead a differentiated sale process that effectively positioned our strong track record and attractive growth profile. I’ve worked with a lot of investment bankers over the years and BlackArch has earned my highest recommendation.”
Daniel Gaston, Point Blank Enterprises


Reach Your Full Potential

A career with BlackArch is challenging and rewarding. You'll work closely with senior bankers in developing transactions for the firm, taking companies to market and closing deals. The hours are long and the work hard. But you'll find it rewarding.

We seek to hire:

  • The brightest young undergraduates. We'll provide you two years of an intense and rewarding experience in preparation for a career at BlackArch, private equity, the corporate world or graduate school.
  • The graduates of top MBA programs. We seek associates who have the potential to lead middle-market transactions and, eventually, our firm.

Take the challenge

Are you ready for a challenging and rewarding career in an atmosphere where you're encouraged to contribute on multiple fronts and reach your greatest potential? Learn more about opportunities at BlackArch Partners.
"BlackArch exceeded our high expectations in every way.  They provided senior-level attention from start to finish, and we received valuable, thoughtful advice throughout the process."
Bob Horne and Nick Burger, ZS Fund


BlackArch Gives

BlackArch Gives was established in 2013 to help inspire and support philanthropy among our employees and clients and to invest in our community.

BlackArch Gives is a multi-million dollar fund that contributes more than $250,000 annually to 30+ organizations as well as supports employee philanthropic engagement and charitable-based events. We focus on serving the following areas in our community:
  • Youth Development
  • Military & Veteran
  • Environmental
  • Critical Needs
  • Education
  • Arts and Culture
Our leaders are involved in board-level capacities across organizations in each of our focus areas.

We offer a generous match program for our employees to give them the opportunity to magnify their own charitable giving.