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  • “The team at BlackArch did a great job finding a buyer that will be very supportive of CTS as it continues to grow and expand into the premiere mature engine MRO provider in North America. BlackArch’s strong industry expertise led to a great outcome for Palm Beach Capital and we look forward to working with them again.”

    Nate Ward, Founder

    Palm Beach Capital
  • "BlackArch did a phenomenal job managing the process from start to finish. This was a transaction with a lot of moving parts, and BlackArch was able to navigate the deal to a successful conclusion with an outstanding new partner for us."

    Brian Neff, CEO & Owner

    CTS Engines
  • "Our Company is dedicated to delivering ‘Total Customer Satisfaction’ to our customers and BlackArch provided the same level of unwavering commitment, responsiveness and service to our Company and stakeholders throughout our sale process.  As a privately held business, we had one opportunity for the most important business decision in our Company’s history, and BlackArch guided us through this process by providing thoughtful advice, flawless execution and ultimately found the best strategic partner for PCB’s continued growth and evolution.  BlackArch tailored its process to meet our objectives and preserve the legacy of our business and provided senior-level attention that far exceeded the expectations of the shareholders and management team throughout – I would recommend BlackArch without reservation."

    Dave Hore, President

    PCB Group, Inc.
  • "BlackArch did an exceptional job in representing our company.  Their staff became a part of our team, and they learned exactly what differentiated us in our industry.  I also believe they drove tremendous value to our bidders and ultimately helped us select a great partner for our next platform.  I am very pleased with their service and would highly recommend them."

    Jon Hodges, Founder & CEO

    Evergreen Industrial Services, LLC
  • "BlackArch did an outstanding job representing Evergreen.  We chose BlackArch because of their in-depth experience in the industrial services industry, their relationships with the likely buyers and the senior level attention given to our project.  In addition to managing a very efficient process, the BlackArch team took the time to understand what makes Evergreen a unique company and accurately communicated the company’s strengths to the market.  We are very pleased with the outcome and look forward to working with BlackArch again in the future."

    Brad Morgan, Executive Vice President & COO

    Platform Partners
  • “BlackArch has been a fantastic advisor and a wonderful thought partner throughout this transaction.  Their team is second to none when it comes to information presentation, data analytics and overall process management and flow.  They have a gear that most people never hit.”

    Bruce Weber, CEO

    Integrated Supply Network Inc
  • "The BlackArch team provided excellent leadership and resources to our team during this transaction process and, with their vast experience, network and credibility, helped us to deliver the best possible outcome and new partnership."

    Heidi Modaro, CEO

    G.E.T. Enterprises
  • "BlackArch has once again delivered outstanding results for ShoreView and exceeded our already high expectations of their process.  G.E.T. is a unique business.  The BlackArch team developed a thorough understanding of the special attributes and strengths of the business and did a great job in presenting the business to potential buyers.  Ultimately, their thoughtful and targeted approach identified an investor that fully appreciates the opportunity and will be a supportive partner to the business and executive team."

    Jeff Mudge, Managing Partner

    ShoreView Industries
  • "I was extremely impressed with the level of detail and outstanding service that BlackArch provided from start to finish.  The BlackArch team worked tirelessly and provided sound guidance to ensure the completion of a successful transaction for Liguria Foods and our shareholders."

    Lance Chambers, CEO

    Liguria Foods
  • "We had high expectations when we selected BlackArch to represent Liguria Foods and they exceeded these expectations.  From start to finish, their level of organization, unwavering commitment to client service, deep level of professionalism and determination to generate an outstanding outcome were very evident.  BlackArch also made certain that they had an extremely thorough knowledge of Liguria's business and its market.  This knowledge made a difference and also resonated very well with Liguria's management team as we all thought through the strategic options for the Company.  We look forward to working with BlackArch on additional assignments in the future."

    Brad Langer, Managing Director

    BBH Capital Partners
  • "Without question the biggest benefit was the time that BlackArch took with our team at the beginning of the transaction to understand our goals as a privately held company.  We met with several other firms which presented a process to us that simply didn’t fit. The nature of this transaction was very complex as BlackBridge had operations in multiple jurisdictions with significantly different legal and tax regimes, as well we required licensing for multiple governments to ensure that we could continue operations without any interruption.  BlackArch brought a strong team to support this transaction with a great balance of senior level focus and direction and a junior team that were awesome."

    Ryan Johnson

    CEO, BlackBridge
  • "I was exceptionally pleased with the guidance and support we received from the BlackArch team throughout the process.  They provided sound advice and labored tirelessly to ensure the completion of a successful transaction for General Ecology, its shareholders and its employees."

    Richard Williams

    Founder, General Ecology
  • "The BlackArch team worked tirelessly early in the process to gain a very deep understanding of a complex business. They effectively communicated Plantation’s unique story by finding a nice balance of creativity and data-driven analyses."

    Mike Rubel

    RFE Investment Partners
  • "Transitioning from privately held to private equity-backed is a complex journey.  Our BlackArch team deftly guided Plasco’s management team through a complicated transaction that may not have been consummated without their expertise, maturity and stamina.  Team BlackArch is smart & savvy, yet down to earth and was always willing to educate and empower those of us not living in the M&A world.  They knew our sector well and took considerable time to understand our team’s unique history, concerns and go-forward criteria. Perhaps the highest compliment I can pay our entire BlackArch Team is that we now consider them friends – friends that earned our trust and respect and with whom we would not hesitate to partner with again."

    Chris Penn

    Plasco ID
  • "BlackArch has been a great asset and support element throughout the process of evaluating potential domestic and international financial partners who are able to support the objectives of our business and allow us to continue to grow in a complex legal and regulatory environment.  They are extremely dedicated and we will continue to work closely with BlackArch during our next phase of growth."

    Robert McWilliams, CEO

    Federal Resources
  • "BlackArch worked tirelessly to lead a differentiated sale process that effectively positioned our strong track record and attractive growth profile. I’ve worked with a lot of investment bankers over the years and BlackArch has earned my highest recommendation."

    Daniel Gaston

    CEO, Point Blank
  • "They went above and beyond in preparing our team for every phase of the process and always prioritized the interests of our shareholders and employees.  We look forward to working with our partners and friends at BlackArch again in the future."

    Alan Mendelson

    President and CEO, Plasco ID
  • "This was my second experience working with the BlackArch team. Sprint Energy selected BlackArch as our advisor specifically because of their deep experience in the energy and waste sectors and their ability to help communicate the differentiation of our business model and growth opportunity most effectively. They were steady partners who provided sound advice and certainty in an uncertain energy market."

    Chris Swinbank

    Founder and President, Sprint Energy
  • "One of the most important elements of our interactions with BlackArch was their ability to create order out of what could have been chaos.  With several parties performing simultaneous due diligence, BlackArch had prepared us for the key diligence topics, distilled data-oriented questions from buyers in advance and then assisted us with preparing timely responses.  Added to the traditional buyer due diligence was the complexity of separating our business from its historical legal structure.  BlackArch was also a critical link in navigating the legal documentation process and ensured that our best interests were always front and center."

    Jacob Brafman

    CFO, Plasco ID
  • "The BlackArch team was exceptional from top-to-bottom. They delivered an extraordinary level of value-add throughout the entire transaction, starting with heavy partner-led engagement and complemented by an impressive overall team. Their deep level of consumer industry expertise helped us (i) articulate Plantation’s critical differentiators, (ii) target the right buyers and (iii) ultimately select the best partner for the Company. We are truly excited about our new partner and next phase of growth and look forward to working with BlackArch again in the future."

    Michael Pietrasiewicz, CEO

    Plantation Products, LLC
  • "Our experience with BlackArch brought far-reaching benefits above and beyond the transaction itself.  BlackArch helped our management team better recognize our true value and how best to present our company to prospective buyers as well as our clients. BlackArch’s detailed approach not only helped our company maximize our value, but also helped our team achieve a more realistic perspective of whom we are and what we can achieve as a leader in our industry.  The net result was that our company was able to gain a solid business partner that will allow us to meet our long-term goals as a company."

    Kevin Willis

    Abrasive Products & Equipment
  • "Enginetics chose BlackArch based on their deep industry experience, knowledge of the relevant buyers and tailored approach to the transaction process.  They did an excellent job from start to finish; we appreciate their hard work and attention to detail."

    Wim Huijs

    Enginetics Aerospace
  • "This was our third transaction at Tri-Ed, and BlackArch’s execution was exceptional in every way – in their articulation of what differentiates Tri-Ed as a company, in the way they approached buyers and the audience they generated for us and in their relentless desire to help my team land with an exciting new partner."

    Pat Comunale

  • "During the six months that we worked with BlackArch, we were extremely impressed at how quickly their entire team gained a clear understanding of SCI. This includes not only the unique qualities of the SCI leadership team, but the many anomalies of the business. Through this, BlackArch was able to help SCI’s team define their long-term growth strategies, and to aid them in communicating these strategies to potential buyers.  BlackArch educated the SCI team to think outside of the box when defining “who” we are, and “why” we are unique in the industry."

    Ed Beetschen

    Smith-Cooper International
  • "I think choosing BlackArch was one of the smartest decisions we made.  The BlackArch team was phenomenal.  They thoroughly understood our value proposition and our vision, executed perfectly under extremely tight deadlines, and navigated a shareholder outcome that exceeded expectations.  I will definitely use them again if I have an opportunity."

    Ali Dilmaghani

  • "The BlackArch team did a great job from start to finish, helping us navigate a number of challenges along the way to a final close.  We are extremely happy with the outcome and deeply appreciate BlackArch’s commitment and drive throughout the process."

    Ciaran Lynch

    Tex Tech Industries
  • "Barcodes had an outstanding experience working with Black Arch.  Their team was very strong from top to bottom.  They were diligent, responsive and thoughtful in their approach.  They outlined a strategy tailored to the strengths of our business and then executed flawlessly.  We enjoyed working with them and would be excited to do so again in the future."

    Will Daly

  • "If you want to have the best group represent you and your company, BlackArch is that group.  During our process, they were consummately professional and extremely knowledgeable on all the details that you need experts to be focused on.  Their hard work helped us exceed the results we expected when we initiated a transaction.  It’s a no-brainer; hire these guys and they’ll take good care of you!"

    Mike Sechrist

  • "The BlackArch team has been instrumental in guiding Michael’s through two successful transactions in the past five years.  BlackArch is uniquely adept at understanding and thoughtfully conveying what makes our company unique and was able to design and lead a very successful process which resulted in a strong outcome for the shareholders and a great new partner for management."

    John Bloch

    Michael’s Finer Meats
  • "The guys from BlackArch were true partners, far better than we ever imagined.  They were superb in every way, particularly in promoting our business, inspiring our executive team and negotiating the deal.  They were exceptional at creating value in very thoughtful ways and were terrific advocates when we needed help. In short, we knocked it out of the park and they made it possible - they absolutely changed our lives!"

    Bruce and Pete Weber

    Integrated Supply Network
  • "Three things really stand out when I think about my experience with BlackArch.  Preparation – BlackArch knew what prospective partners would ask and proactively prepared my team and me to address those questions.  Thoughtfulness – At a time when we had closed two material acquisitions and were undergoing an ERP change, they sought out the non-traditional tasks and effectively served as my outsourced finance department so I could run the business.  Most importantly, genuine sincerity – The BlackArch team truly cared about my business and operated with class and a personal touch that went well beyond the other investment bankers with whom I have dealt in my 30-year career."

    Geoff Jones

    OMNI Energy Services
  • "From our first meeting through the close of the sale, we were impressed with the BlackArch team’s energy, ideas and attention to detail.  BlackArch delivered exactly as they said they would, which resulted in an on-time closing and an excellent outcome for our shareholders."

    Bill Trimarco

    CEO, The Hercules Tire & Rubber Company
  • "We have chosen to work with BlackArch on multiple occasions due to their balanced approach of not only maximizing shareholder value but also addressing the various objectives of management teams as well as buyers.  As a result, we have developed enormous trust in the BlackArch team to get all parties focused on agreeing to the key terms necessary to get a transaction closed.  We value the personal connection we have developed with their team and look forward to working with them again."

    Bob Horne and Nick Burger

    ZS Fund L.P.
  • "This transaction is highly accretive to Delta Plastics and will enable us to better serve the growing needs of our customer base as we continue to make significant investments in our production, collection and recycling processes.  BlackArch was invaluable in helping us understand and evaluate the various strategic options available to us and in managing the many aspects of this acquisition."

    Sean Whiteley

    CEO, Delta Plastics
  • "The BlackArch team did an exceptional job of developing a deep understanding of UC Synergetic’s business and clearly articulating the company’s key investment highlights.  Furthermore, the leadership of BlackArch’s partners and thoughtful process management of professionals was integral to achieving an outstanding outcome."

    Ed McMahan Jr. and Marc Oken

    Falfurrias Capital Partners
  • "BlackArch fielded an experienced, cohesive team that understood the thesis of OMNI Energy and clearly articulated the story to the market.  Their access to relevant industry players is impressive.  We appreciated their honest, straightforward advice and leadership in leading our investment in OMNI to a successful conclusion."

    Bill Dawson and Josh Cascade

    Wellspring Capital Management
  • "OMNI Energy’s most compelling prospects for growth are driven by increasing environmental concerns and regulatory scrutiny particularly as it relates to unconventional drilling.  We were impressed with the BlackArch team’s industry insights as well as their ability to clearly communicate the OMNI story and the market opportunity.  Their foresight in introducing our company to Gibson Energy resulted in a transformational combination for Gibson and OMNI."

    Brian J. Recatto

    CEO, OMNI Energy Services Corp.
  • "BlackArch exemplified professionalism, solid business acumen and expertise in their field.  I was impressed by their collaborative effort and 24/7 reliability and dependability."

    Ron Kurstin

    CEO, Smith-Cooper International, LLC
  • "BlackArch exceeded our high expectations in every way.  They provided senior-level attention from start to finish, and we received valuable, thoughtful advice throughout the process."

    Bob Horne and Nick Burger

    ZS Fund LP
  • "Over the past several years, we have completed several transactions with the BlackArch team.  BlackArch has significant deal experience, energy market intelligence and excellent access to the financial and strategic buyer communities.  Their veteran team ran a well-orchestrated process that resulted in a great outcome for CapStreet and its LPs."

    Paul De Lisi and Mike Young

    The CapStreet Group
  • "We chose to work with BlackArch Partners because of their knowledge of our end markets and their significant deal experience.  BlackArch has been a trusted partner to GHX and their efforts yielded a great outcome for our shareholders and employees."

    Dan Ahuero and Ben Andrews

  • "It was a pleasure working with the BlackArch team.  Their dedication to the process and our company resulted in a great outcome for our shareholders and employees and the Pike organization."

    Mike Kistner

    CEO, UC Synergetic
  • "This opportunity was made possible by the extraordinary BlackArch team.  Their unique approach to the process provided our management team with the right partner for our future."

    Matt Duffield

    CEO, Machine Laboratory, LLC
  • "BlackArch Partners provided excellent advice and demonstrated consistent dedication throughout a carefully orchestrated transaction process.  The BlackArch team's industry expertise and transaction experience, coupled with its detailed knowledge of Jones & Frank and its shareholder objectives, proved critical in closing a highly successful transaction."

    Martin Gilmore

    Partner, BB&T Capital Partners
  • "The entire team at BlackArch Partners worked literally day and night to meet an aggressive schedule and pull the many diverse players in this transaction together.  Their deep executive team was a real asset to our management team and the process for all parties.  I gained the utmost confidence in their advice and trusted their judgment as they managed the process to a successful close.  I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future."

    Sterling Baker

    CEO, Jones & Frank
  • "Total Safety is a complex business competing in a global marketplace.  We valued BlackArch’s guidance and appreciated its access to potential partners.  BlackArch orchestrated an efficient process and we believe that we have a world-class partner for our company’s next stage of its growth."

    Dave Fanta

    CEO, Total Safety
  • "The BlackArch team is the best!  They delivered every step of the way, from laying out a full range of alternatives, formulating strategy, identifying partners, tailoring unique employee incentive plans and negotiating the final agreement.  They are true professionals that do exactly what they say – and then more."

    Nancy Kramer

    Founder and Chairman, Resource Interactive
  • "The entire BlackArch team brought the highest level of skill and resolve to executing this transaction.  I am in awe of the quality of their work and the way they inspired our entire team to be the best we could be.  They put a framework around the process and our company that was completely honest and straightforward while highlighting all of the best things about Superior."

    Ray Derbecker

    Co-founder, president and CEO, Superior International Industries
  • "We appreciate the great work put in by BlackArch's team in identifying and reaching agreement with high-caliber investors who recognize the strength of APR's business model and management team, as well as the significant continuing growth opportunities in the global market for temporary power."

    John Campion

    Co-Founder and CEO, APR Energy
  • "The BlackArch team gave me straightforward, frank advice throughout the process, and worked hard to get this non-standard transaction across the finish line.  Having worked with a number of firms both large and small over the years I will always go back to them.  Unlike large firms always looking to the next deal, BlackArch consistently protected my best interests."

    Erik Prince

    Founder, Xe Services
  • "BlackArch became a part of our organization.  It was like having our own M&A staff on board.  We were comfortable enough with them to allow them to go direct to our employees to gather information for the CIM preparation and in response to due diligence items.  I highly recommend them and would use them again."

    Mike Taylor

    Former CFO, Xe Services
  • "The BlackArch team was well-versed in focusing on the customer and met and exceeded each and every milestone we mutually established.  Our company leaders were so impressed with BlackArch that we have asked to be an advocate for them, and I already am looking forward to when we can have the pleasure of working again with the best M&A team in business."

    John Birks

    CEO, Revenew International

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