Industry & Approach

Industry Provides Context. Model Drives Value.

We have the industry expertise and unique insights
to communicate what makes you different.

Industry Groups

Our dedicated industry teams cover and discover the people, ideas and opportunities in your world. We approach every assignment by elevating your unique attributes to drive multiple expansion.


Our approach starts by focusing on the why and how.  While the product, distribution network or service you provide within your industry defines your baseline value, why you do it and how you achieve it positions your long-term strategic significance, leading to value accretion. We believe positioning your why and how achieves the greatest possible outcome.


Why do you exist? Why do your customers, employees and suppliers believe in you?


How do you do it differently? How do you add value? How do you continuously improve?


What do you manufacture, distribute or service?


Where do you compete in terms of industry or sector?

“BlackArch has been a fantastic advisor and a wonderful thought partner throughout this transaction. Their team is second to none when it comes to information presentation, data analytics and overall process management and flow. They have a gear that most people never hit.”
Bruce Weber, CEO, Integrated Supply Network Inc