A Client-First Culture Delivering Trusted Advice.

We advise our clients on all elements of a transaction, from strategic positioning to closing.

"As a privately held business, we had one opportunity for the most important business decision in our Company’s history, and BlackArch guided us through this process by providing thoughtful advice, flawless execution and ultimately found the best strategic partner for PCB’s continued growth and evolution.  BlackArch tailored its process to meet our objectives and preserve the legacy of our business and provided senior-level attention that far exceeded the expectations of the shareholders and management team throughout – I would recommend BlackArch without reservation."
Dave Hore, President, PCB Group, Inc.


Exceptional CompaniesRequire a Customized Solution.

The leaders of BlackArch have a long track record of successfully bringing high-quality opportunities to the market.

We make sure we know you and your objectives and the where, what, how and why behind the significant value you have created. From start to finish, we aim to:

  • Perform in-depth due diligence and position the distinctive attributes that make you great.
  • Prepare you to best communicate the drivers of your value.
  • Target the right set of international and domestic potential buyers.
  • Minimize distractions so you can focus on running your business.
  • Negotiate the greatest outcome, a combination of price, contract terms and management agreements.
  • Get to a timely and successful transaction close.

BlackArch's sellside expertise applies to owner-operators, financial sponsors and corporate clients.

Our knowledge of the financial sponsor landscape and commitment to upfront due diligence can make us an ideal partner for a smoothly executed corporate divestiture.
"BlackArch has once again delivered outstanding results for ShoreView and exceeded our already high expectations of their process.  G.E.T. is a unique business.  The BlackArch team developed a thorough understanding of the special attributes and strengths of the business and did a great job in presenting the business to potential buyers.  Ultimately, their thoughtful and targeted approach identified an investor that fully appreciates the opportunity and will be a supportive partner to the business and executive team."
Jeff Mudge, Managing Partner, ShoreView Industries


Leverage Our Insights into the Private Markets

BlackArch's industry and sponsor coverage, coupled with our insights and thinking, creates unique perspectives and informational advantages. Our expertise in structuring and negotiating transactions can lead to increasing the certainty of a successful acquisition under the most favorable terms for our clients. Often, such transactions are part of a broader strategic advisory plan that we craft in consultation with our clients and their management teams.

With BlackArch's industry expertise and extensive relationships with strategic and financial acquirers, buyers can leverage our ability to:

  • Evaluate an opportunity against a dynamic industry and transaction landscape.
  • Assess potential targets.
  • Determine correct value, optimal structure and best strategy to prevail as an acquirer.
  • Lead negotiations through final contract signing.
“BlackArch has been a fantastic advisor and a wonderful thought partner throughout this transaction.  Their team is second to none when it comes to information presentation, data analytics and overall process management and flow.  They have a gear that most people never hit.”
Bruce Weber, CEO, Integrated Supply Network Inc

Strategic Advisory

Map Your Path to a Great Outcome

BlackArch's strategic advisory practice exists for select companies early on the path to a great outcome. We offer a unique, signature Roadmap For ActionTM advisory service for private company owners - our guide to a well-thought-out transaction.

We start with a valuation to provide private owners with a baseline value. We then work with shareholders to understand their economic and non-economic goals.

  • A menu of strategic alternatives for achieving liquidity, which could include debt recapitalization, transitional or growth capital, minority partnerships, change-of-control transactions or other options.
  • Concrete steps, timelines and deliverables for shareholders, management, outside advisers and BlackArch.
  • Collaboration with a company's management team to align their incentives and prepare them for a transaction and succession.
  • Access to advice on tax structuring, wealth management and other financial planning issues.
  • Regular monitoring of a company's progress with the goal of maintaining momentum for owners and managers alike.
Our strategic advisory services have been designed for the founder/owner-operator, but are equally adaptable to our financial sponsor and corporate clients as they seek to maximize their goals and objectives.