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A Day in the Life as an Investment Banking Analyst

Much like the majority of analyst roles across the investment banking industry, the experience at BlackArch is often rigorous, demanding and time consuming.  This typically means having to manage a hectic schedule, complete challenging tasks under tight time constraints and dedicate long hours.  That said, the experience at BlackArch is unique in that it allows its analysts to hone a more comprehensive skillset, one that ultimately translates into a plethora of opportunity in future endeavors.  The development of this skillset directly results from the amount of responsibility analysts are asked to undertake from day one.  The Firm’s senior personnel collectively hold high expectations for both experienced and new analysts alike, and with that comes exposure to many aspects of a standard M&A process that would otherwise go unseen by a junior team memberAnalysts  assist in the development of marketing materials, projection models and other key analyses, and participate in management meetings. 

As someone with no prior experience in the industry, I’ll be the first to admit I was fairly intimidated by the expectations coming into the program.  However, I quickly realized that the large amount of responsibility I was to assume was well balanced by an environment conducive to learning, assistance and development.  I found that I could easily approach any member of the firm (all the way up to our senior leadership) with questions, and was even encouraged to do so.  The combination of this atmosphere and relatively smaller size of the firm augments BlackArch’s ability to approach creatively an M&A process, and effectively convey a client’s story.  Rather than restricting individual knowledge to a specific industry focus, I found that BlackArch relies on all of its employees to contribute to the firm’s success, often leveraging expertise across multiple sectors for any given process.  This was especially helpful for me going into my first live deal, as I was able to draw on the knowledge of many peers, and not simply a select few.  As a result, in a very short period of time, I found that I was able to take on and handle tasks that put me well outside my own comfort zone.  Having the opportunity to view the results of my work first-hand made the experience all the more rewarding.

Reflecting on my past two years, I am grateful for the experience and expertise I have gained over the course of my time with the firm.  At times, the job could be strenuous and taxing, but the skills I developed along the way will no doubt play a large role in my future career path.  I very much look forward to keeping in touch with my fellow colleagues and I am excited to see BlackArch’s continued growth over the coming years.