Case Study

Business & Professional Services; Applied Technology & Digital Media; Consumer & Retail
Global leader in technology-enabled services in the marketing research and intelligence industry
Stamford, CT
Thompson Street Capital Partners
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BlackArch was retained by Thompson Street Capital Partners and management to serve as their exclusive financial advisor.

BlackArch's Customized Solution

BlackArch ran a competitive marketing process, which included strategic acquirors most active in the sector, as well as financial sponsors possessing the expertise and experience necessary to acquire a unique, tech-enabled services business, such as FocusVision. BlackArch tailored its diligence and marketing efforts around the industry-leading product and service offering and strong growth potential of the Company to ensure a premium outcome and find a valued-added partner capable of assisting the business during its next phase of growth.


FocusVision was acquired by EQT Mid Market.

“Numerous attributes come to mind when describing BlackArch - smart, hard-working, trustworthy - just to name a few. But if I had to sum up BlackArch succinctly, it would be that they treat their clients' transactions as if they were their own. The entire BlackArch team, from the lead senior partner to the junior analyst, was fully committed to delivering a successful outcome every step of the way.”
Bob Dunn, Thompson Street Capital Partners